Matteo Polli

Matteo Polli was born in Gorizia in 1980.  Living by the gulf of Trieste, developing an interest in the sea from an early age. As a child he developed a fascination for sailing and strong, early results elevated him to the national youth team in the Laser class. A fascination for sailing soon became an intellectual passion, leading to studies in naval architecture at the Nautical Institute of Trieste.

Studies lead on to the Southampton Solent University, where Matteo deepens his understanding, graduating with honors in Yacht and Powercraft Design and receiving an important award for the best dissertation on the design and tank towing experimentation of a novel hull concept.

Matteo began putting theory into practice with the Starkel design studio, then in 2005 Matteo joined the 2emmemarine shipyard as yacht designer and supervisor of production processes.  In this period, working with Maurizio Cossutti, Matteo optimizes the performance of numerous boats for handicap racing under ORC and IRC rules and designs successful sailboats such as the M37 from concept to racing. Honing design techniques and gaining a great deal of valuable experience. 

Growing recognition in both design and racing fields led to many opportunities.  

In 2011, Matteo was invited to join Italia Yachts as chief designer and project manager involved in the design and production of all models in the higher performance range of this emerging brand, signing the hull lines of Italia 15.98, Italia 12.98, Italia 9.98 and Italia 11.98.

The passion for racing and sailing physics led Matteo to develop new systems for performance analysis through which he can get important data and information to be used at the design stage.

Since 2010, Matteo collaborates with various teams for the optimization and development of boats including Low Noise team which with the modified M37 graduated ORC World champion for three times and got again on the highest step of the world podium with the Italia 9.98 Low Noise II.

In 2018, he began his career as an independent yacht designer that led him to collaborate with various shipyards and designers of international renown.