Stunning results for MPYD in Sibenik with the new Italia Yachts 11.98 and lot of optimized boats.

Class A

  • Synergy, Melges 40 owned by Valentin Zavadnikov, 8th place

Class B

  • Pazza Idea, ARYA415 owned by Pierluigi Bresciani, 5th place
  • Horus, M45 owned by Nadia Canalaz, 6th place
  • Morgan IV, GS39 owned by Nicola de Gemmis, 11th place and Corinthian Silver Medal
  • Rebel, First40CR owned by Manuel Costantin, 13th place and 4th Corinthian
  • Technonicol, X-41 owned by sailing team OU, 21st
  • Reve de Vie, GS43 MOD owned by Ermanno Galeati, 37th (unfortunately suffering major damages)

Class C

  • Sugar3, Italia 11.98 owned by Ott Kikkas, wins Gold Medal
  • Escandalo, M37 MOD owned by De Blasi/Pennello, 6th
  • Northern Light, D34 MOD owned by Northern Light Sailing Team, 7th and Corinthian Silver Medal
  • Folgore, J/99 MOD owned by Piero Paniccia, 14th
  • Take Five, Italia 9.98 owned by Brenno Del Pont, 19th
  • Mas-que-nada, Farr30 owned by Federico Aristo, 36th
  • Interceptor, M34 owned by Luca Mosca, 38th

Full results: