The major ORC event, the World Championship held in Tallinn, has just ended with excellent results not only for the new designs, but also for the boats optimized by our studio.
Class B:
Essentia, Grand Soleil 44P (new design)
6° Xini Freedom X-41
8° Clean Energy E44 (new eco design)
Class B Corinthian:
Olimpic X-41
2° Premium X-41
Class C:
Matilda4 J-112E
Sugar3 Italia 11.98
4° Adelante J-112E
Class C Corinthian:
Credit24Sailing Salona 38IBC
My-Car X-35
In the top 20 rank in Class C, there are 14 boats designed or optimized by our studio. Among these, there is the new Corsa915 “MIA” which finished ahead than similar sized competitors.